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The main communication tool of many research, professorial, student, and administrative groups at Shatkon Media is their web presence. IT Services provides Shatkon with a web infrastructure that offers both web content and application hosting environments. These environments meet the varied needs of the community, allowing both novice and experienced users to create and deliver content over the web as well as create web applications.

Security is a top priority for this central, shared infrastructure. IT Services implements safeguards that may limit some flexibility and speed, but protect the user community from the accidental or intentional misuse of the resources. When possible, commonly used tools are integrated with the shared infrastructure, providing simplicity and consistency of use in a manner that meets security objectives.

IT Services recognizes that some users require more flexibility or greater performance than the central, shared infrastructure provides, and would prefer to use dedicated servers for their applications. IT Services provides additional mid-tier and top-tier web infrastructure services and support to help address those users, and collaborates with the user community to determine how to improve the web infrastructure for existing and future needs.

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